Why this blog was created

Computer Forensics on a Shoestring Budget was created to show how quality computer forensic work can be done without spending a lot of money on expensive tools and equipment.  The field of computer forensics is a vibrant and dynamic one that is changing constantly, and is attracting more attention daily.  This site was created to help those potential forensic investigators get into the field without paying thousands of dollars.

Sure, that expensive piece of commercial software might be user-friendly and make the job a bit easier, but it is far from the only way of conducting a forensically-sound investigation. Computer forensics is about understanding concepts and using artifacts from computer systems to discern what events actually happened. It’s not about buying a piece of software, pushing a button, and letting it do all the work. Tools can help automate processes, but without an investigator using them who understands what they are doing, they are useless.

Who it is aimed at

The content on this site is aimed a variety of people, but mostly at those new to computer forensics.  Many college students or other tech-savvy people may be considering a career in forensics and want to explore it, but can’t justify shelling out a few grand for an EnCase or FTK license.  Some investigators with decades of experience might use this site to stumble upon a new free tool or alternate method that they can add to their forensic arsenal.  Maybe your girlfriend accidentally deleted all the photos off her digital camera and you want to recover them and be the hero.  Whatever the reason, this site just aims to help those who want to better themselves through learning.


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